Open Source Hackathon

    Saturday 20th August

    Enspiral DevAcademy

    The OS hackathon will be a chance for OS practitioners to get their hands dirty. We’ll host space for collaborators to connect with codebases and work on new ideas and existing open source projects together.

Open Source Hackathon

20th August, Enspiral Dev Academy, 275 Cuba Street


Hosted by Enspiral Dev Academy and iwantmyname the OS hackathon will be a chance for collaborators to connect with codebases and work on new ideas and existing open source projects together.


For the OS projects

We will open an invitation for organisations and individuals to bring along their open source codebase and the key people who administer it. This will be a great opportunity to connect with some other developers, get some advice and push some tickets.

For the OS contributors

Come learn some new skills, meet cool people and work on some really cool projects. This will be an opportunity for experts, mentors and contributors to sharpen and profile your skills and meet the community.


A big part of the hackathon will be working on projects. These could be something you start from scratch on the day or helping people get setup to contribute to an established projects. Some of the projects that we know about are listed below, if you have something you are thinking about hosting or want people to checkout before the day email

SSB / Patchwork

Dominic Tarr and Mix Irving from the Secure Scuttlebutt Consortium will be talking about their peer 2 peer protocol and the social messaging app Patchwork that is built on top of it. Checkout their docs for more information.


Gardner Bickford and Joshua Vial will be working on Cobudget, a participatory budgeting app that we will be using to help fund open source projects at OSOS.


The mighty Mikey Williams and Simon Tegg have been working away on Holodex, a proof of concept tool for storing all of your group data in one place and driving dynamic org charts like


The Enspiral Root Systems team will be working on a collective purchasing app Cobuy


Gamefroot is an online tool that supports learning through making games. Teachers use resources in their classroom to teach students both coding and STEM subjects.

The various hackathon missions include opening up the code base so that it is easy for other developers to write Gamefroot plugins and extensions and trying to hack in a text based editor (so users can toggle between visual coding and JavaScript).


We have 3 lecture rooms and a whole day to fill with lectures, demos, code walk throughs and any other presentations people want to offer. We’ll also be lining up a few in advance and listing them here.

Rob Guthrie will be presenting about a client side Active Record implementation they built for Loomio